Business Continuity Management Plan: COVID-19/Coronavirus Notice

Business Continuity Management Plan: COVID-19/Coronavirus Notice
Updated: 19/03/2020



Like many other organisations we recognise that the outbreak of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is having an impact on day-to-day life, and this includes the way Swann Engineering Group Ltd (SEG) operates.

Our priority is to ensure our employees stay safe and healthy but also to continue to provide the services, products and support needed by our partners and clients. Much of the work we do is on critical national infrastructure, so it is important that we retain focus on the needs of each project and deliver positive outcomes in line with the customers’ expectations.

SEG has issued and continues to monitor its policy for dealing with COVID-19 in the workplace.

This Business Continuity Management Plan is a working document that reflects the business as it is at the current stage of the virus outbreak and covers all of our site locations.


The Manufacturing Director will identify, plan and manage all resource changes within the production areas on a daily basis. They will conduct risk assessments and analysis of the impact on the business in order to determine the magnitude of the likely effects. If significant numbers of employees are unable to attend work, additional manufacturing resources can be sourced by:

  • Agency employees to fill gaps within the current workforce, if sickness prevents attendance
  • Ask current employees where possible to work additional hours to make up any shortfall in manufacturing output
  • Rescheduling of the delivery dates on manufactured products if the customer is in agreement.
  • Where necessary, sub-contracting the work to other specialist manufacturers on the company approved suppliers list, whilst ensuring all quality and programme management controls are in place.

The delivery of products to customers’ premises using our own vehicles will be agreed on a site by site basis, and as long as we believe the delivery driver is not put at risk.


All construction project site visits and installations are currently going ahead as planned and are being conducted in strict accordance with the main contractor’s safety instructions.

All telecoms site visits are being conducted in accordance with current guidelines and with particular focus and checks placed on access restrictions.


The majority of our office-based staff are equipped with laptops and mobile phones to enable them to work effectively, whether they be at home or in another office.

Where an employee’s role dictates that a desktop PC is more appropriate (generally higher-power machines for CAD and Engineering programs) we have organised remote software which enables them to control their office PC via a remote machine.

Staff without appropriate home devices will be issued with a laptop for this task. If a decision is made to allow a member of staff to work from home, then managers/directors will ensure that they have the ability to perform their duties whilst away from the office and that contact details are available to all relevant clients.

 The Operations, Sales and Technical Directors will identify, plan and manage all resource changes within the operational areas on a daily basis. They will:

  • Ensure equipment and technology is in place to support remote working
  • Encourage video messaging to maintain good levels of communication for the management of all projects
  • Check whether employees are due to go to any external training courses and whether attendance can be postponed
  • If company meetings must take place, ensure there is enough space so participants can be at least a metre away from each other
  • Review site operations on a site by site basis to ensure no site-based staff are put at risk.

All work-related events e.g. conferences and exhibitions have been cancelled for the time being.


The Managing Director will review the overall impact on business operations daily to ensure both the safety of the employees is being considered whilst reviewing the effects of the measures in place to maintain the operational effectiveness of the business.

They will further develop the business continuity plan if additional actions are required to maintain the supply of products and services to the customer base.


  • We have appointed a single person to keep abreast of the Government’s guidance as it changes
  • We will promote our virtual meeting capabilities with clients as far as possible
  • All non-critical office visits will be assessed on business importance and restricted where possible
  • We will restrict all inter-office meetings to reduce the potential spread
  • We have asked all office staff to take phones and laptops home with them every night
  • We are in touch with our suppliers and service partners who have contractual obligations to have appropriate plans and arrangements in place to ensure the continuity of the supply of goods and services to SEG
  • We are undertaking full business impact assessments across our business to identify potential risks and prepare for the continuation of services under a worst-case scenario


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