Inspection and Condition Scoring in Rail-side Structures

1 Jul 2024
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Our Role

Within the railway network there are large numbers of installed advertising structures. These range from freestanding billboards to signage mounted directly to walls and structures. Swann provided inspection services to the advertisers to assess the condition of a wide array of installations. Most of the inspection work was on either London Underground (LU), Transport for London (TFL), or Network Rail property and the inspection methodologies used had to be approved by both the client and the appropriate rail authority. A condition scoring matrix was adopted which could be applied to any given asset. The consistency of approach enabled asset conditions to be ranked, which in turn informed future maintenance programmes and budget requirements. Additionally, high-risk sites were simply and quickly identified with immediate actions planned and instructed where necessary.

Reporting for each asset included a scoring matrix, a description of defects and issues plus a photographic record of the site. Whilst the inspection work was completed by Swann’s own engineers it was a requirement of the client that all reports were counter signed by a Chartered Engineer. Within Swann, both our Technical Director, Steve Armstrong CEng MICE, and Associate Technical Director, Rich Holding CEng MICE were qualified to countersign these reports. Example of a condition scoring report.

Our Team

At Swann we have over 10 civil/structural engineers who specialise in the inspection, assessment, and design of steel structures. Within the team, we have 7 climbing engineers who are trained to work at height ranging from degree apprentices to our Technical Director, Steve Armstrong. Steve has worked as an engineer for 34 years working for consultants, contractors, steel fabricators, and structure manufacturers. As a result, he has a wide experience in the inspection, assessment, design, and manufacturing of steel structures. He has climbed towers for over 25 years and still regularly completes structural inspection work. Meanwhile, our Associate Technical Director, Rich has a vast wealth of experience in highways and bridges. Rich had spent 12 months working on the M25 DBFO highway maintenance contract and was working within that area when the Highways Agency developed and evolved the condition scoring standards. He also worked for 3 years at county council level highways and bridges asset management, offering a huge pool of knowledge on varying sectors outside of Telecoms. One of our Engineer’s, Stephen Lemon, currently working towards professional chartered status with Swann’s ICE approved training scheme, has been working on inspections on rail-side assets since he joined the company as a Graduate Engineer in 2018 after gaining his degree in Civil Engineering. Stephen has since completed a company-supported supported Masters in Civil Engineering and has become one of our lead surveyors in both land based and climbing inspections.

Client Testimonial

Swann conducted detailed condition scoring inspections on rail-side assets on the London Underground, Transport for London and Network Rail networks for Global Media and Entertainment Ltd. I found Swann to be both detail-focused and determined to ensure the accuracy of their reports and recommendations. I was re-assured knowing that reports and recommendations were interrogated and signed off by Chartered Engineers. I would recommend Swann for inspection and maintenance programmes. Roger Marshall. Technical Director. Global Media and Entertainment

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