Swann complete CT48 tower reinforcing scheme

Swann Group Ltd have completed a Tower Reinforcing & Strengthening project on a CT48 triangular angle tower.

Following a Global Design Check (GDC) of the structure, it was concluded that the legs of the tower needed to be strengthened to support an increased antenna complement on the head frame.

Using a combination of MS tower and a specialist analysis package, Swann developed a strengthening design so the tower could remain in service.

To ensure the strengthening steelwork fitted the tower, a detailed structural survey was completed before the new strengthening scheme was finalised. The scheme design included the provision of additional redundant braces to improve the axial capacity of the existing legs.

Site drilling of the existing steelwork was chosen to provide a neat and effective solution. In addition to the strengthening, a new Latchway fall arrest system was supplied, installed and certified by our trained riggers for improved climber safety.

Swann have over 40 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and installation of tower reinforcing schemes both for our own range of structures and increasingly on other manufacturer’s structures.

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