Swann Conduct Lighting Column Surveys in Isle of Man

Swann Engineering Group has the experience, expertise and resources to provide on-location conditional survey services for a wide variety of structures including:

• Lattice, column and guyed communication structures
• Floodlighting structures
• Digital Media advertising signs (hoardings and billboards)
• Access Ladders and Gantries

We complete these inspections using our own engineers and technicians who are trained to climb structures and work safely at height. With multiple trained teams we have the capacity to conduct surveys throughout the UK, on both our own and third-party structures.

Prolonged exposure to the elements can result in the degradation of steel and timber structures. We are able to assess the effects of the exposure on the capacity and longevity of structures and can provide repair and preventative recommendations to our clients.

One example of this inspection work is the recent commission we received from the Isle of Man’s Department of Infrastructure. Given its location in the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man provides a relatively exposed location for steel structures and we were asked to assess a number of floodlighting structures at several locations on the island. The sites visited included:

• Commonwealth Bowl National Sports Centre – Athletics Track & Hockey Pitch
22x 16m tall Towermaster Foldscan Floodlight Masts
4x 18m tall Towermaster Lumescan Floodlight Masts

• Castle Rushden High School – Artificial Sports Pitch
8x 13m third-party Floodlight Masts

• Queen Elisabeth II High School – Artificial Sports Pitch
8x 13m third-party Floodlight Masts

• Ramsey Grammar School – Artificial Sports Pitch
8x 13m third-party Floodlight Masts

These structures are typically installed around the perimeter of outdoor athletic tracks and sports pitches and are used to support a variety of floodlighting arrays.

The site work included a visual inspection of each structure which covered the foundations, holding down bolts, base plate shafts, hinge mechanisms and floodlight supporting bracket. These structures are usually not climbable but have a lowering mechanism to facilitate maintenance at ground level. Where it was not possible to lower the columns, inspections were completed using a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP).

Using the information collected from the inspection, detailed reports were compiled that summarised the condition of each individual structure. Based on the findings of the inspections, a recommended repair and maintenance programme was outlined for each structure. Recommendations included replacing components and applying protective treatment systems or more enhanced maintenance and cleaning regimes to prevent the existing condition from worsening.

One of the most common maintenance issues we encounter for steel columns is corrosion around the holding down bolts and base plates. The effects of this can be significantly reduced by the removal of accumulated debris and introducing a regular cleaning schedule. Where corrosion has occurred, it can be treated by the application of a protective treatment system combined with an assessment of the residual capacity of the corroded elements. This is one example of how the integrity of the structure can be preserved, which extends the deployment lifespan of the structure and provides peace of mind to our clients.

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