National Apprenticeship Week 2022 – Swann Provide Pathways Today for Engineers of Tomorrow

Swann Engineering Group is working hard to become the industry leader and go-to destination for developing engineers, and we are so proud of the role we are already playing in helping to fill the growing skill gap in the UK’s industrial engineering sector.

Providing Local Opportunities 

We are all aware of the ever-increasing demand for engineers here in the UK, and at Swann Engineering Group, we are dedicated to providing opportunities and support for local school leavers and students in further education, who are keen to develop into the engineers of tomorrow.

Our first ever intake of Engineering Apprentices joined us from the Colchester Institute Braintree campus and have recently completed their inaugural year on our flagship course. During this time, they have been exposed to not only the full range of hands-on engineering techniques but have also been provided opportunities to develop their abilities on industry design packages such as AutoCAD and additional technical design programmes.

In addition, our course plays a major role in promoting a culture of health and safety appreciation, that our Apprentices can take forward with them throughout their entire engineering career.

Encouraging Growth & Development 

The main objective of our Apprentice programme is to provide an environment that encourages the growth and development of a variety of engineering proficiencies and to develop well-rounded, multi-skilled, and adaptable Engineers who are just as comfortable in the workshop as they are in our design office or out on a project site.

This flexible approach means that upon completion of our course, each of our apprentices has the opportunity to take up a full-time position at our manufacturing headquarters in Braintree, Essex.

This multi-skilled and three-dimensional approach means that our Apprentices can both learn and contribute at each stage of a project’s lifecycle. From the initial conception and technical drawing stage, right the way through production, fabrication, and deployment – our Apprentices are gaining crucial on-the-job experience all whilst furthering their understanding of our engineering processes.

During their time on our programme, each of our Apprentices has the option to further their engineering knowledge with our in-house support for a City and Guilds qualification right through to Degree level. Our Engineering curriculum has also been carefully curated to ensure that each of our Apprentices has the opportunity, encouragement, and support to build upon the skills they have learnt in the classroom.

We are so pleased with the progress that each of them has already made during their time with us and we are thrilled to have recently welcomed our second intake of students from the Colchester Institute Braintree campus.

Inspiring the Next Generation of  Engineers

Andrew Gregory, Manufacturing Director & Apprentice Programme Co-ordinator, is thrilled to be able to help inspire the next generation of future engineers;

In today’s world, where we are seeing an ever-increasing shortage of well-rounded engineers, we must look to our own initiatives and experiences to mould the next generation of skilled workers and industry leaders.

Here at Swann Engineering Group, we are continually striving for training excellence, and our Apprentice Programme is a perfect example of our commitment to providing opportunities for both young and mature engineering students.

We can sometimes take for granted the skill, expertise, and experience we see around us on a day-to-day basis, but it’s imperative that we provide an environment where knowledge is handed down to the next generation of engineers. This passing on of skill and expertise is crucial for the continued evolution of our organisation and for keeping the wheels of industry turning.

We have forged a fantastic relationship with the Braintree and Colchester Institute which has enabled us to build a curriculum and environment that not only teaches workshop disciplines but also covers each aspect of engineering in a dynamic format that students can absorb and apply throughout their career in industry.

By working closely with Lecturers from the Institute, we have been able to curate a dynamic, educational and valuable experience for each of our Apprentices”.

All of us here at Swann Engineering Group are immensely proud of our Apprenticeship programme and the role we are playing in providing full-time career prospects for young adults in the local area.

Be sure to keep an eye on our website and social media for more information about our programme and to stay up to date with the progress of our Apprentices!

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