Swann Provides Gantry Design for OOHM Structure in Nigeria

Swann Engineering Group Ltd successfully provided design, structural analysis, drawings and technical consultancy on behalf of our international client, JCDecaux Africa.

This landmark project required the design for a Gantry structure that could span multi-laned motorways, and which could be replicated and deployed across multiple locations throughout the city of Lagos, Nigeria.

The Gantries would then provide the platform for multiple digital advertising screens.

This pioneering development has provided the client with the prestigious accolade of developing and installing the first ever motorway-spanning advertising gantry in Africa.

The unique nature of this project required us to establish environmental parameters for a region that is not covered by Eurocode design parameters.

Utilising local meteorological windspeed data collated in Lagos, combined with sensible pressure factors established within British & European standards, our expert team of Chartered Engineers were able to determine the environmental factors to consider for each of the site locations. These parameters were then verified and agreed by an independent third party to ensure their accuracy and validity.

To design a concept that could be implemented in a variety of different locations, we created a solution that could be personalised to suit each locale. With this in mind, we created a design that utilised an optional middle panel which could then be added or removed to meet the width of the motorway it needed to span.

Swann Provides Gantry Design for OOHM Structure in Nigeria

By having a structure designed in this modular fashion, it allows the client to use different combinations to meet the dimensions required. Additionally, it removes the need for further design and drawing development time, which ensures project timescales and deadlines are met.

This project first commenced in July 2017 and was concluded and fully operational in October 2017 following a successful independent design check.

Throughout this prestigious development, Swann Engineering Group ltd was able to demonstrate and implement our unique knowledge and understanding of what is required to successfully and safely support high-end digital media screens.

Working closely alongside digital screen manufacturer Daktronics, we were able to ensure the operational requirements were fulfilled, which included structural deflection, ventilation and maintenance access.

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