Column Structures

Columns or as they are also known Monopoles, are primarily used in urban environments where there is limited space available for the footprint of the tower base or where a slimmer profiled structure is a site provider or planning requirement.
Columns Available
Columns/monopoles offer the following benefits
Column A
Multi-User Column
Minimal footprint
Slimmer profile
Feeder security (internal feeder management)
Speed of installation
Columns are hollow tapered poles made of galvanised steel, usually constructed of slip-jointed welded pressed steel shells. They can be erected in a day, provided crane access is available.

Swann Engineering Group has several standard column designs of the pressed steel shell type which can extend to 40m high and support a number of users.

Our monopole structures are designed to suit the latest technology requirements and can be requested with the relevant accessory steelwork. 

Swann continues to supply and support our legacy structures including strengthening and head frame upgrades. To discuss our Legacy Solutions in further detail, please contact our customer service team.
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