Rooftop Solutions

Swann Engineering Group offer a range of Rooftop Solutions, including lattice stub towers and columns, to suit a range of equipment loads up to a maximum height range of 12m from the rooftop grillage.
Our Rooftop Solutions
Quadpod Non-Intrusive Solutions
Column A Rooftop Stub
500 Stub Tower
3OH Stub Tower
703 Stub Tower
1003 Stub Tower
1480 SD Stub Tower
1S Stub Tower
2000 HD Stub Tower
5SR Stub Tower
Short section panel heights are available for hand lifting to the rooftop and any of our rooftop structures can be ordered at an intermediate or bespoke height.

We provide a range of single-user and multi-user rooftop structures that are manufactured in Braintree, Essex. Our rooftop structures are available
pre-assembled for fast and reliable deployment.

CAD blocks of the interface feet drilling requirements are available.

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