Street Poles & Streetwork Solutions

Swann Engineering Group’s Streetworks solutions utilise a self-supporting pole configuration, available in incremental heights up to 20m, and are ideally suited for urban telecommunication build programmes.
Our unilateral Streetworks structure is the first in a series of Streetworks solutions and has been carefully designed to enable rapid deployment. It can accommodate both legacy and future technology requirements, making it the ideal solution for current and future metropolitan structural projects.

Swann Engineering Group also offers a range of Street Poles up to 20m high.
Our street pole structures are compact and visually unobtrusive. They provide infill coverage and increased capacity.

The slim profile of our street poles makes them a perfect choice for street-side sites, where planning requirements demand a structure with minimal visual impact.

They can be painted to suit local surroundings and are usually available with a colour-matched shroud.

We provide a range of single-user and multi-user poles that are manufactured in Braintree, Essex. Our street pole structures are available pre-rigged and are factory tested for fast and reliable deployment.
Our structures are designed to suit the latest technology requirements and can be requested with the relevant accessory steelwork.

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