Tower Structures

Swann Engineering Group offers several self-supporting lattice tower structures up to 110m high.

Self-supporting towers are usually three or four-sided structures, assembled in sections with a lattice work of cross braces bolted to the legs. The self-supporting towers can be manufactured from tubular, solid bar or rolled steel angle sections, or a combination.

We provide a range of single-user and multi-user towers, all manufactured in our Braintree and Maldon fabrication facilities.

Any of the towers can be ordered at an intermediate or bespoke height.
Towers Available
Tower extension and strengthening
schemes available
5S Structure Range
1S Structure Range
1003 Structure Range
30H Structure Range
703 Structure Range
Extension at the base of the tower including foundation analysis, new interface connections, and foundation extension if required.
Extension at the top of the tower including new interface steelwork, relocation of existing antennas, and installation of new antennas.
Strengthening via leg/bracing swaps.
Local strengthening including design of redundant bracing systems and leg strengthening schemes. (edited)
We provide a comprehensive range of rigging support services throughout the UK. We are flexible in our approach and the tasks are delivered by experienced, qualified Swann Engineers.
We can offer a solution to most tower extension or strengthening requirements.

Our towers are designed to suit the latest technology requirements and can be requested to be provided with the relevant accessory steelwork.

Swann continues to supply and support our legacy structures including strengthening and head frame upgrades. To discuss our Legacy Solutions in further detail, please contact our customer service team.

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