Towerfaster 2: Rapid Deployment System

Swann Group are delighted to launch the Towerfaster 2, a modular rapid deployment steel foundation. This solution is available for permanent deployment or at temporary sites as a standardised, modular product.

There are a number of benefits from this solution; the Towerfaster 2 avoids the need for heavy plant and big excavations and eliminates the need for wet concrete. This means the structure can be installed immediately without having to wait for the concrete to cure. The foundations can also be used in locations where concrete is not readily available or where site access is difficult and cater for the installation of a tower or monopole where there is an immediate need to deploy a structure, but a conventional solution may prove difficult to construct. The Towerfaster 2 provides the ideal solution when winter temperatures do not allow traditional poured concrete bases to cure.

The base is flexible enough to accept a number of Swann structures and can easily be adapted for third-party structures.

Mike Morris, Business Development Director at Swann Group, said “We are delighted to launch the Towerfaster 2 rapid deployment system. This system is rapidly deployed from modular components and is the latest innovation to come from the Swann Group design facility. Well done to the Swann team involved in the development of this new and innovative product”.

Datasheets are available on request. For more information, email or contact the Customer Support Team on 0800 090 2375.

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