Video: Out of Home Media Trial Assembly

Watch the video below of our Out of Home Media Trial Assembly to see how we recently prepared one of our solutions!

At Swann Group Ltd we take great care in making sure our structural solutions arrive on site ready to be constructed as efficiently as possible.

This means that for some projects we will conduct a trial assembly at our manufacturing headquarters, to ensure that each and every component interfaces correctly and meets the customers unique specifications.

To discuss your Out of Home Media requirements, email or contact our Customer Support Team on 0800 090 2375.


Swann have an excellent track record in delivering complete project management capability plus engineering and customer service solutions to make your out of home media projects a success.

Working in collaborative partnership with the leading OOHM companies, our highly skilled team of creative and innovative structural Engineers deliver a turnkey solution with the minimum of fuss and complication. Project durations are minimised to ensure the installations are revenue generating in the shortest period possible.

Featuring cutting edge design, manufacture and installation, our out of home digital media structures can be pre-fabricated, retrofitted or designed to meet your bespoke project requirements.

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